Introducing lenerl sharp and ad kox, the vintage ‘mad men’ of the netherlands. ‘mad’, ‘crazy’, is how our friends and family described our passion and collecting of west german pottery, namely ‘fat lava”. Our obsession and proximity (south limburg, netherlands) led us to a trove of treasures, including other styles and designers from all over europe.  And now, we have arguably  one of the largest ceramics and pottery collections in the netherlands. This collection is accessible in our warehouse, in Orisbeek, Netherlands.

Our love of ceramics is connected to our love of other vintage and mid-century items of the same period. The same hunting and tracking down skills whilst visiting flea markets, second hand shops and markets honed our eyes, our desire and our attraction to all things attributed to the mid-century modern asthetic, style and design. Honestly, it was the only style by which we both readily agreed upon in decorating our own home — perhaps because we both are “mid-century born”, it evokes nostalgia or the items produced in mcm period are classic, stylish and timeless. The seed was then planted for all things mcm — when we saw them we bought them!

Now armed with 20 years of knowledge, experience, and a incredible amount of passion our eyes are sharper, our resources are sharper, our network is sharper — allowing us to together do something that brings us joy and pleasure each and every time we ‘uncover’ a new treasure.  And now, we want you to feel what we felt each and every-time we uncover a new item — joy, excitement and ‘guilty pleasure’!

We are men who are mad about ceramics, furniture, lighting, and all other decor sourced from all over europe. sharp retro is dedicated to going on the hunt, searching, finding and procuring items that you’ll want to have, treasure and love whether its on its 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time around. We give all our our product offerings a new life, renewed sustainable energy.

We recognize the items, we look to provide value whilst remaining critical and whilst becoming connoisseurs of quality mcm pieces. Join us as we start on this incredible journey. A journey to the unknown, a journey to the unfound — a journey to learn, strengthen and grow our collection, our assortment and products. As we grow you will know, so tell your friends about sharp retro collections — a distinctively vintage experience.