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Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting

Discover lighting that lights up your vintage life and lifestyle. Beautifully and amazing curated floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall-sconces and more! Browse to create mood and atmospheric style, flair and a nod to the past.

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  • Ceiling lamp - Spider Lamp

    5 Colourful arms adorned with brass fittings and decorations, Ceiling Lamp. In vintage 1950's mat Pastel Colors. All the lamps come together on a dark green centrepiece. Working condition with signs of wear and authentic age. Produced between 1950-1974. adding on stylish small plugged lamp bulbs creates the flame of a torch. Gorgeous design and style.

  • Italian Influenced - Hanging lamp

    Stunning and smart this Glass and Chrome Art Deco hanging Lamp. In great overall condition and working with small European styled light bulbs. Some slight discoloration on the chrome adding to its authenticity. Beautiful when hanging as it it quite decorative as well.

  • Vintage Red Desk Lamp

    Stylish Vintage Red Metal Desk Lamp. in the style of Fase Faro but not verifiable. Heavy Metal shade and Red Chrome base. With Silver Metal Accents. Uses a normal size light bulb and works!

  • Temde - Retractable Hanging Swag Lamp -...

    Beautiful and Decorative Hanging Pendant/Swag Lamp from Temde of Germany. String that makes up the shade is from Burlap fabric allowing light to be held as it highlights the beautiful style and design of the lamp. Fitted for regular lamp bulbs. Great overall condition. Also fitted with an Erco Bakkerlite inversa mechanism for retracking and or adjusting. complete with a decorative semi circle teak band at the bottom base of the lamp-- which is highlighted when the lights go on.

  • Funky 70's Vintage Lamp - Teak and Metal...

    Stylish and Functional Teak Hanging Adjustable Wall Lamp. With Silver metal mounting and accents. Gorgeous Original Funky Shade (in colors of the period). Mount the lamp, choose where the light hits. In working condition.

  • Orange and Metal Expandable Wall Lamp

    Mid Century Modern - Orange heavy Metal Wall Lamp. Can be extended to add flavor and light to a hip vintage, industrial or contemporary style. Comes complete with the original vintage shade in very lively and bold colors. In working condition and uses normal size bulbs and wattages.

  • Vintage Teak and Fiberglass Wall Lamp

    Practical and gorgeous Spun Fiberglass and teak hanging lamp. Hang from a wall for ambient light in any dark corners of your home. In beige and brown colors capped with with plastic accents. In working order with a normal size light bulb.

  • Vintage Teak and Scoubidou Wall Sconce/Light

    Beautiful Teak and "Scoubidou" (Plastic) String/Fiberglass Wall Sconce/Lamp in a wrought iron metal frame. Orange color typical of the 1970's. All with chrome fittings and in working condition.

  • Pair of Teak/Rosewood Wall Sconces

    Fantastic Duo of all Original Wall Lamps/Sconces. with Brass and Smoked reflective glass to give off ambient light to a dark wall or framing some artwork. Uses small Frence snap in light bulbs.

  • Midcentury Hanging Pendant Lamp - Flying...

    Pendant Lamp. in the shape of a flying saucer and hanging from the ceiling by three adjusting and original metal chains. White frosted class with gold gilt trim (trim is rubbing off in some place and have been touched up with gold paint in a few place.)

  • Art Deco Hanging Lamp - Mid-Century Modern...

    Art Deco Inspired Spherical Pendant Lamp. The sphere is made a gorgeous green molded art glass that gives reflections with lit-- create a warm and intimate space. Fitted for regular lamps and regular watt.

  • Danish Wall Scones

    Absolutely stunning pair of Danish Wall Sconces. Ready to add light to any mid century home! Brass and Teak all original, shades not original but will be included. In working condition once they are sourced with electricity.